3D figurines Toronto – The various ways they can be used

Forget about selfies, 3D figurines Toronto are the new craze. These figurines are shaped to look like you. Here’s how it works: a full body 3D scanner captures your image and personality instantly, and then a 3D printer reproduces it with extraordinary detail. So how can you use these figurines? Well, here are some suggestions.

Decorate your home and workplace

Your home should be an expression of your unique personality. Why not make your decoration outstanding by using 3D figurines Toronto as part of your décor? You can have many 3D selfies of your family and friends and use them as part of your decoration. At work, custom figurines make great desk accessories, plus they help personalize your work space.

Use figurines as gifts

Figurines are an excellent way to celebrate milestone moments. You can surprise your loved ones with their custom 3D figurines Toronto during their birthday, for instance, or create full-color models of your co-workers and boss for the perfect corporate gift.

Capture special memories

How about preserving special memories in your life forever using a series of 3D models? You could capture your wedding day memories by having a picture you and your groom scanned and replicated into 3D models. Later, you can preserve your special memories during your pregnancy or capture you child’s changing features using figurines.

Keep in touch your loved ones

Pictures are a fantastic way to stay in touch with your loved ones who are far away, but full color figurines are even better. So next time you want your grandma to feel closer to you, why not send her a 3D figurine that looks like you?

With so many figurine ideas around, people are no longer limiting themselves to selfies. It is the reason 3D models have become a hit around the globe with figurine booths popping up in major world cities. From decorating homes and work spaces to capturing special occasions and staying in touch, figurines are the new way for people to express themselves. For more information find here.